Works and Technique

In recent years, Stanford Fata has mainly concentrated on working with indigenous Southern African serpentine stone (such as Opal, brown, green and black Serpentine or Springstone), Lapidolite, leopard stone, alabaster or marble. He often combines different stone types in one piece or mixes media by using wood and metal elements to complement the sculpture.

The stone is usually sculpted by hand using traditional tools such as hammer, chisel and rasps. To polish the rough surface and bring out smooth forms, wet sandpaper is used. To bring out unique stone texture and colours the sculpture is finally heated, treated with a specific wax and is then polished to perfection.

Stanford Fata’s deeply symbolic style has found new ways in just a short period of time. By choosing mainly abstract forms of expression, Stanford is able to bring to life the most amazing faces of stone.

His personal dialogue with the medium stone is mainly inspired by powerful and dynamic elements found in nature’s flora and fauna. Society’s problems and realities which he encounters are also symbolically portrayed in his works and made visible to facilitate discussion.